My Potato is Too Big!

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My Potato is Too Big!

APR 1 2015
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Potatoes by Vera Kratochvil

You know that point when an event has gone off without a hitch and you’re just about to pat yourself on the back? At this point you might hold your breath waiting for someone to say something negative about the event and hoping that you didn’t miss anything. You might start imagining all the things you might have missed, and you frantically start going through your mental checklist just to make sure nothing was overlooked. And then it happens. A guest approaches you and says “Everything was great…” and then it comes, “BUT.. my potato was too big.”

You take a second to process this, wondering if this guest is joking. You realize the guest is indeed serious and seems to be concerned that everyone’s potatoes were too big. You think to yourself “then don’t eat the whole potato” and “most people don’t complain about too much food…”.

Finally, you have a moment of realization: this is the “Goldilocks syndrome”. In the event industry, there are often individuals who feel it necessary to complain based on their personal preference of how the event should run. Try not to take this personally. Eventually, we all realize that no matter how great an event is, someone’s potato will always be too big.

Amusing aside: Let’s hope our Goldilocks guest never meets this potato: 18 Foot Fork gets Visit from 16 Ton Potato