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Hey it’s my Girlfriend!

APR 1 2015
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One of our staff was managing an out-of-town event where the attendees were bused in and provided with some “free” time for shopping or whatever else they pleased after the event. In this instance, the “whatever else they pleased” led to an interesting afternoon.

About an hour after dropping everyone off, our staff member was politely informed by one of the bus drivers that some of the attendees had taken off to a local establishment to enjoy a few refreshments. Knowing that these individuals might be more “effervescent”, she quickly decided it was going to be best to keep one bus exclusively for people who had really enjoyed the day.

Later that afternoon, a particularly cheerful group of attendees boarded their bus to head home. Once everyone was ready to depart, our staff member was checking on the driver of the bus. She had stepped up the bus stairs and was greeted by a man who had managed to get a bloody nose. He joyfully exclaimed “hey, it’s my girlfriend!” and proceeded to follow her off the bus and chase her down for a hug. In true event manager form, she maintained her composure and helped him back onto the bus, wished them all well, and waved as they drove away.

At any event, there will be guests who really let loose. Most times they are happy and friendly and just looking to have an enjoyable time. As a planner, you of course want guests to have fun but also to arrive home safely. And so, it is always best to plan for alternative modes of transportation, and to anticipate a certain amount of exuberant “compliments” as well.